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Help on the ground in your local area is always appreciated. Help us get the word out, and earn free admission to the show, our heartfelt thanks, and some schwag.

Our partners from the venues who so kindly host us can also find materials here to do thier own promotion.  

Thanks, everyone, for helping to make these community events happen; it wouln't mean a thing without you.

~ Ethical Postering ~

Truffle is all about community. The Band, the fans, the clubs & their staff, the towns: we're all in it together.  Please poster responsibly and ethically. Use only established, acceptable poster spots. Leave the poster board better than you found it. Don't take down viable posters, but do take down expired posters and recycle them. If we nurture it, the community will grow positively.  Thanks!

~ A note on "Electric" and "Acoustic" ~

The acoustic guitars are electrified; they also appear at electric shows. The electric guitars sometimes sound like acoustics. DB plays electric bass all the time, but it can sound sweet, as an acoustic instrument might.  There is generally no Drum Kit at an acoustic show, but there may be drums; they might even get hit with sticks.  People dance at acoustic shows; folks will focus in and listen at electric shows.  It's hard to explain: come see some of each, so you'll know it when you hear it.

Dave Gerard

Dave has a vibrant solo career. He plays clubs, gives seminars, presents at schools, entertains private parties and functions.  He is sometimes accompanied by David Bailey in these endeavors. Here are biographical and promotional materials.

Dave Gerard Bio
A brief overview of DG's many talents and abilities, accolades and achievements.
Adobe Acrobat document [129.8 KB]
Dave Gerard Solo Poster
A print and fill poster for DG shows at your local venue.
Adobe Acrobat document [110.7 KB]
Dave Gerard & David Bailey Duo Poster
Print and fill poster for the award-winning acoustic duo.
Adobe Acrobat document [387.7 KB]


If DG, DB and Ned play together, it's Truffle.  Without drums, we call it acoustic, add Mike or Pete on Drum Kit and we call it electric. Pete might play hand percussion at an acoustic gig, which is also cool. 

Truffle Bio
A Truffle Biography for Electric and Acoustic shows.
Adobe Acrobat document [58.7 KB]
Electric Truffle Poster
A print an fill poster for your nearby Electric Truffle show.
Adobe Acrobat document [608.0 KB]
Acoustic Truffle Poster
You can use this when the "Acoustic Trio" plays your town.
Adobe Acrobat document [439.6 KB]

Groove Thang

The Groove Thang is DG, DB and a drummer, electrified.  At home, Mike and Pete share the duties.  Often Pete will play a hybrid thang that's part hand percussion, part drum kit, and featuring vintage and antique bangy stuff.  On the road, the incomparable Kent Raine takes the seat.  Each version is a little different, but they share a vibe.  Things might get a little more stretchy than at some Truffle shows: chances are taken.  There is laughter, there are tears.  No one knows what will happen.  You kind of just have to experience it.

Groove Thang Bio
Here's an attempt to describe in words a Thang that can not really be described in words.
Adobe Acrobat document [131.2 KB]
Groove Thang Poster
Use this nifty poster to help others experience The Thang.
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