Gerard Truffle
Gerard Truffle

youtube videos of dg and Truffle

Truffle in Lego Land: Great set up from our new favorite 8 year old fan. All of us rendered in Legos, even our Man Behind the Board, John Woodman! Thanks!

“Fairplay” – The Cedar Point Sessions

Savoy Truffle at Woodbury Ski & Racquet ≈1990

Internet sources point to May 28th 1990. Playing with Blues Traveler.

If memory serves (which it often does not), announcer / MC guy introduced us as "Savoy Trussler."

Savoy Truffle at the S'worth Children's Festival. DG, DB, and Neil Ingerman on guitar,

Eric "Whit" Whittier on drums, & Barb Whitney on keyboards and vocals

"Harbor Master" from Revel in the Meadow, 2019.  Video credits - Adam Goodine....Thanks!!

A Chicken Jam Productions clip of Funkcaribbean Blues from Revel in the Meadow 6/1/19

Acoustic Truffle Durham NH library 7/11/18: Full Show - Video Credits - Phil Kincaide ....Thanks!

Truffle and Little Feat founder Bill Payne; Tripe Face Boogie; Fury's, Dover NH, 10/4/ 12

Ancient History from Turbo Thompson's New England Talent Profile

Lip Syncing to "Streetlamp" on Cable TV in 1988

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