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Gerard Truffle

In Memoriam

Tributes to our brothers who have moved on.


Brian K. Dionne



In 2004, the Truffle family mourned the passing of our long time friend and drummer, Brian Dionne.  Brian’s playing graced Savoy Truffle’s sound from 1985 to 1995 and is featured on the albums Dish Me In, Talking With Ghosts, and Nervous Laughter. More than simply a percussionist, a consummate musician, Brian’s Truffle legacy can not be underestimated.

That's Right is dedicated to his memory.

Thanks for all the great grooves, Brian.


Andrew Merrill



In 2008, the Truffle Family said good-bye to Andy “Bucky” Merrill. Andy’s profound passion, enthusiasm, and musical sensibility were essential elements in Savoy Truffle’s formative years, and his friendship and love of life have been a joy for all of us since then. The Buckstah shaped our sound beautifully, artfully, for some of our truly pivotal shows, his harmonica playing graced our recordings and our stage, and his antics and quotations remain at the center of our mythology and folklore.

Humanity has wondered since its beginning what happens after we leave this realm; the Truffle family knows that, whatever it is, Bucky is going to “Bang it out and see what happens.”

We  miss you, Buckstah.


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