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Gerard Truffle

The Music

In 2021 we celebrate 35 years as a band: what a ride! We have the best fans on the planet. From DG by himself in a cozy pub to all of us plugged-in on the big stage, our music has always been hard to describe. When pressed, we tend to stammer and hope one of the other guys will answer: we need a pithy catch-phrase.

Our original songs are who we are and what we’re about. Made up of all the stuff we love and listen to, then run through the effects pedal of our own weird selves. They are why you guys come to hear us play. Cover tunes, we hope, keep it fun and interesting. They’re not what you might expect from the band down at the nightclub. They don’t sound like they do on the record. But there’s some essence that has grabbed us.  Some have become staples, others come and go.

We’ve been fortunate to play with some great musicians who have inspired us. Some have been our heroes. 2012 saw the beginning of a collaboration, live and in the studio, with Little Feat keyboardist, songwriter, and founding member Bill Payne. We’ve also shared the stage with other greats: Little Feat, The Band, The Steve Miller Band, The Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Aston “Family Man” Barrett & The Wailers, Toots and the Maytals, David Lindley, Babatunde Olatunji, Blues Traveler, Widespread Panic, The Spin Doctors, Kingfish, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Tiny Town, others. We've toured relentlessly, these days we mostly stay closer to home in the New England Region.

​​Truffle is proud to be a part of the wonderful, diverse, robust Seacoast New Hampshire Music Scene. Early on, we came up learning from and being inspired by some truly great bands and musicians. We can only hope that there have been some bands over the years who have been similarly inspired by us. We've shared the scene as peers with still more amazing acts, some gone on to the hall of fame, others still going strong. It's a fantastic community, and we feel honored and truly fortunate to have had a place in it for over thirty years. And, of course, none of it would have happened at all without you, the fans. We have nothing but gratitude.

The Band

Five guys who love to play music together. Over thirty-five years of playing for the best fans in the universe. We’ll get together in any combination that suits the room, the vibe, the crowd, or our fancy.  Solo, duo, and trio acoustic shows; hybrid or fully electric trios; electric four and five piece madness.

David Bailey plays bass, has contributed some original songs,and  occasionally vocalizes (we hesitate to call it “singing”). At live shows he tries to keep the technical side of things from falling apart.

Ned Chase is a multi-instrumentalist, principal songwriter, and singer. He plays electric and acoustic guitars using frets and slides. Mandolin and lap steel.


Mike Gendron plays the drum kit. Laying it down solid, or mixing it up with more impressionistic split stick stuff, using his whole body, his stylistic versatility makes it happen.

Dave Gerard plays acoustic and electric guitars. Sometimes with a slide, sometimes an acoustico-electric resonator thing. A principal songwriter, and undoubtedly the voice of Truffle. He works hard to represent the band to the public and keep the calendar filled so we can play for you good people.

Pete Kowalski plays hand percussion and sometimes a very cool hybrid drum set/percussion contraption. At a given show you may see any of his seemingly infinite, funky, vintage, interesting sets of congas and bongos.

Dave Gerard endorses the following fine musical brands: Fishman Transducers; Godin Guitars; Seagull Guitars; Tech21 Amplification

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