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A Tribe of Vibes

Truffle is a family, a tribe of vibes; musicians and fans united by the groove, wherever and whenever it can happen. From one guitar and a voice in the corner of a cozy pub, to a churning, five piece, electrified, rootsy funk machine on the big stage, and every expression in between, we morph and adapt to any room and every audience. Here’s the low-down on our most common embodiments: Click on Ensembles.

FIVE – Dave Gerard’s Latest Release


Five CD Back275


Must See DG / Truffle    

Fri. Sept. 30 * Brick House / Pasta Loft

Truffle (electric) – 9-12p

Milford, NH

Fri. Oct. 14 * Jewel

Truffle (electric) – 8:00-12:00

+ Big Blue World & Amorphous Band

Manchester, NH

Event Detail



All  Ages

Drew Farm – 10/8

Westford, MA – 1:00-4:00 (Acoustic)

Final outdoor show of the season!






















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Truffle’s annual PARTY GRAS SHOW 2016

w/ Hot Tamale Horns

Dave Gerard and Truffle Live at Press Room on 2016-02-13 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive


Truffle & Bill Payne, Gabe Ford, Hot Tamale Brass Band

 Rochester Opera House Rochester, NH 10/31/13

Check Out Gerard / Truffle on Facebook & YouTube

TRUFFLE’S 30TH BANDIVERSARY – Grill 28 – 9/4/16

Gerard * Truffle E-Pig Page

9/27-9/30, 2016 * Press Room (hoot), Stella Blu,

Gaslight Deck, Pasta Loft


Hey People,

Some good love at the Striker and Savory Bistro last week…..many thanks! It was a stealth set but a great spot for Sully Fest in Maine on Saturday; we hope to do that again next season….even in the spring or deep summer perhaps? Thanks to Mike, and the Wad for the invite. A few shows this week on either side of our Granite state. GLO and I connect again at Stella after a 4 month hiatus, and Truffle finally returns to the Brick house @ The Pasta Loft…….read on for the full schedule.



Fri. Oct. 14 – Jewel – Manchester, NH 8p w/ Big Blue World & Amorphous

A show not to miss!


If you couldn’t catch our big 30th show, here are links to archive to listen.

Thanks to Bill & Karl as always!


We are working on a revamp of our website, therefore the new Anthology is not up and available yet, but you can always order it this way:



Truffle 30th Bandiversary Bootleg Anthology (Double CD)

Only $10.00 + $2 shipp. per CD

Send check, quantity and your address to:

Dave Gerard – 33 Cedar Point Rd., Durham, NH 03824


For the latest DG CD, FIVE, plus any other DG or Truffle CD’s you need to add to your collection, (New Truffle Bootleg Anthology info coming soon) or a look at the full calendar through November, 2016, check out the site:

Digital downloads can be found on ALL of your favorite sites through


The Nightlife


Tuesday Sept. 27 * Press Room

77 Daniel St., Portsmouth, NH (603) 431-5186

DG Hosts the hoot ~ 9:30 ~ after jazz Jam

My first hoot in many months. I urge you all to come on out and test drive some music. Bring any instruments you choose and join in with others. I’ll make it sound sweet and set the mood!


Wednesday Sept. 28 * Stella Blu

70 E. Pearl St., Nashua, NH (603) 578-5557

DG & GLO ~ 8:00-11:00

Our first Stella show since May! Come on out and have some fun mid week with the boys and the Stella Blu crew. As always, lots of fun jamming tunes; we never know what we’ll play till we’re playing it!


Thursday Sept. 29 * Gaslight Deck

64 Market St., Portsmouth, NH (603) 430-8582

DG Solo ~ 7:00-10:30

Well…..I did play my last show here a couple weeks back, but as they do, the Gaslight has kept the season going a bit longer!! If you know me, I’m happy to get the call and make the outdoor gig season last even a bit longer. This time of year the show starts a bit earlier and is a complete WEATHER CALL. It’s looking iffy as of now, but call before you haul if you are curious. It usually has to be pretty wet for them to cancel, so fingers crossed!


Friday Sept. 30 * Brick House @ Pasta Loft

The Oval, Milford, NH (603) 672-2270

Truffle (electric) ~ 9:00–12:15

It’s been months since we had our initial return to the Loft. We had a blast seeing all the good peeps here. We look forward to it again and hope you will be out and dancing. If you haven’t been in a while, they have expended to 4 times the size with a great stage and music room. Join us!


Thanks to EDGE Magazine for voting the latest CD, “FIVE” one of the best 15 releases of 2015……..

”Front man Dave Gerard is simply doing what he does. Expanding his repertoire while giving his loyal fan base a new collection of tunes to add to their record collection. “FIVE” is heartfelt, it’s funky, and on a scale of five stars, it maxes out at the top.”


Thanks for keeping live music alive!


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