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A Tribe of Vibes

Truffle is a family, a tribe of vibes; musicians and fans united by the groove, wherever and whenever it can happen. From one guitar and a voice in the corner of a cozy pub, to a churning, five piece, electrified, rootsy funk machine on the big stage, and every expression in between, we morph and adapt to any room and every audience. Here’s the low-down on our most common embodiments: Click on Ensembles.

FIVE – Dave Gerard’s Latest Release


Five CD Back275


Must See DG / Truffle    

2017 Spring Shows


Sat. April 1 – Grill 28 @ Pease

All Ages / Early show!

Electric Truffle 7-10 pm  Portsmouth, NH



Thurs. April 20 – River Walk Cafe

“Our Only Show Here till Fall!! Catch it. 4/20

Electric Truffle 8-11p Nashua, NH


Truffle 30th Bandiversary Bootleg Anthology (Double CD)

Only $10.00 + $2 shipp. per CD

Send check, quantity and your address to:

Dave Gerard – 33 Cedar Point Rd.,

Durham, NH 03824















Get high quality, LIVE recordings from current and classic Dave Gerard and (Savoy) Truffle available for download now at ARCHiVE.ORG NEW & FREE!!!!!

Enjoy the link to the STONE CHURCH show on 11/25, compliments of Bill & Karl!


Truffle & Bill Payne, Gabe Ford, Hot Tamale Brass Band

 Rochester Opera House Rochester, NH 10/31/13

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TRUFFLE’S Party Gras 2017 – Press Room – 2/25/17

Gerard * Truffle E-Pig Page

3/24 -4/1, 2017 * Savory Bistro, York Harbor Inn, Striker, Flatbread, Salt Hill shanty (sunpaee), grill 28 @ pease


Hey Folks,

Just back from a rousing tour of the US Virgin islands….as always we can’t thank the wonderful folks on Water Island, St. Thomas and St. John enough…..epic fun and as usual generous help with our logistics, travel and lodging….lots of love. How about our strategic timing to be away during that two foot storm…….


Back home, DG starts out with two favorite solo venues this weekend, plus more next week, and Truffle plays their first shows since March 4th. By the way….thanks for that wonderful send off at the Dance Hall in Kittery. Read below for details.

Thanks to Bill and Karl for the Archive link below to Party Gras 2017:


Dave Gerard and Truffle Live at Press Room on 2017-02-25 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive


MAIL ORDER ONLY (Hope to have it on our site ASAP):

Truffle 30th Bandiversary Bootleg Anthology (Double CD)

Only $10.00 + $2 shipp. per CD

Send check, quantity and your address to:

Dave Gerard – 33 Cedar Point Rd., Durham, NH 03824


For the latest DG CD, FIVE, plus any other DG or Truffle CD’s you need to add to your collection, (New Truffle Bootleg Anthology info coming soon) or a look at the full calendar into April, 2017, check out the site:

Digital downloads can be found on ALL of your favorite sites through


The Nightlife


Fri. March 24 * Savory Square Bistro

32 Depot Sq., Hampton, NH (603) 926-2202

DG Solo ~ 7:00-10:00

I love this place…..lots of great folks despite the recent changes in line up. A hidden gem for some with great food, drink and attention to detail.


Sat. March 25 * York Harbor Inn

Rt.1A, York Harbor, ME (207) 363-5119

DG Solo ~ 8:00-11:00

Wonderful folks and they do it all well. I never know what to expect; could be a chill listening crowd, could be a rowdy party, sometimes in the same night.


Tues. March 28 * Dolphin Striker

15 Bow St., Portsmouth, NH (603) 431-5222

DG Solo ~ 8:00 -11:00

Always feels like coming home to the Striker after a tour. I’d love to see some of my regulars out and about.


Thurs. March 30 * Flatbread

61 High St., Hampton, NH (603) 926-6111

DG Solo ~ 6:30-8:30 ~ All Ages

Early, all ages, great folks, and the best pizza on the planet! Plus a full bar and chill vibe.


Fri. March 31 * Salt Hill Pub / Shanty  

Rt. 103, Newbury (Sunapaee), NH (603) 763-2667

Truffle (acoustic) ~ 8:00-11:00

A cozy little hang perfect for some trio pickin. If there’s still some snow at Sunapee, join us Après Ski, if not, take a pretty ride and join some folks we know around the area.


Sat. April 1 * Grill 28 @ Pease    

200 Grafton Rd., Portsmouth, NH (603) 766-6466

Truffle (electric) ~ 7:00-10:00 ~ All Ages

We haven’t been here since that crazy night at the start of the playoffs! Always a fun time here, a unique room where you can bring the family to enjoy and early show. Great food, full bar and really cool folks running the show. First electric show back, join us!



Thanks for keeping live music alive!


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