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A Tribe of Vibes

Truffle is a family, a tribe of vibes; musicians and fans united by the groove, wherever and whenever it can happen. From one guitar and a voice in the corner of a cozy pub, to a churning, five piece, electrified, rootsy funk machine on the big stage, and every expression in between, we morph and adapt to any room and every audience. Here’s the low-down on our most common embodiments: Click on Ensembles.

FIVE – Dave Gerard’s Latest Release


Five CD Back275


Must See DG / Truffle    

Sat. Nov. 12 * FURY’S

Truffle (electric) – 9:00p

Dover, NH – First Show back after break!


Wed. Nov. 23 * Dolphin Striker

Truffle (acoustic) – 9:00pm

Portsmouth, NH – Annual “night before T-day”


Fri. Nov. 25 * STONE CHURCH

Truffle (electric)8:00P

Annual Thanksgiving show!! DON’T MISS IT!

Newmarket, NH

Adv. Tix @



Sat. Nov. 26 * THE LOFT

Truffle (electric) – 9:00p

Milford, NH


Truffle 30th Bandiversary Bootleg Anthology (Double CD)

Only $10.00 + $2 shipp. per CD

Send check, quantity and your address to:

Dave Gerard – 33 Cedar Point Rd., Durham, NH 03824





















Get high quality, LIVE recordings from current and classic Dave Gerard and (Savoy) Truffle available for download now at ARCHIVE.ORG NEW & FREE!!!!!

Truffle’s annual PARTY GRAS SHOW 2016

w/ Hot Tamale Horns

Dave Gerard and Truffle Live at Press Room on 2016-02-13 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive


Truffle & Bill Payne, Gabe Ford, Hot Tamale Brass Band

 Rochester Opera House Rochester, NH 10/31/13

Check Out Gerard / Truffle on Facebook & YouTube

TRUFFLE’S 30TH BANDIVERSARY – Grill 28 – 9/4/16

Gerard * Truffle E-Pig Page

10/19-10/22, 2016 * Press Room,

Savory Square Bistro, Hilton Garden Inn


Hey Everyone,

Thanks for all the love and dancing at Grill 28 this weekend! And to the regular crew at the Striker as well as special guests….twice this week! I really enjoyed my performances there this past week; I feel a good upward vibe happening! Thanks to all for the good wishes as I take some time to get “More Hip” next week (titanium baby)!

I have one more week of some fave hometown solo shows before the break….read on below for the details……catch em’.

If all goes as planned, I will return:

Fri. Nov. 11 – York Harbor Inn – DG 8-11p – York, ME

Sat. Nov. 12 – Fury’s – Truffle (electric) 9p – Dover, NH


Truffle 30th Bandiversary:


During the down time we plan to be working on a revamp of our website in early November, therefore the new Anthology is not up and available yet, but you can always order it this way:



Truffle 30th Bandiversary Bootleg Anthology (Double CD)

Only $10.00 + $2 shipp. per CD

Send check, quantity and your address to:

Dave Gerard – 33 Cedar Point Rd., Durham, NH 03824


For the latest DG CD, FIVE, plus any other DG or Truffle CD’s you need to add to your collection, (New Truffle Bootleg Anthology info coming soon) or a look at the full calendar through December, 2016, check out the site:

Digital downloads can be found on ALL of your favorite sites through


The Nightlife


Wed. Oct. 19 * Press Room

77 Daniel St., Portsmouth, NH (603) 431-5186

DG Solo ~ 9:00

Believe it or not I haven’t done a full night at the Press Room since May! Come join me downstairs at one of the best and supportive live music venues in New England. Besides hosting a hoot, this will be my last solo show here for the year.


Friday Oct. 21 * Savory Square Bistro

32 Depot Sq., Hampton, NH, NH (603) 926-2202

DG Solo ~ 7:00- 10:00

Another favorite solo room. Wonderful folks working here who take care of you the right way. GREAT food and drink and a very fun vibe! Come join me.


Saturday Oct. 22 * Hilton Garden Inn

High St., Portsmouth, NH (603) 431-1499

DG Solo ~ 8:00–11:00

My monthly Saturday run carries on at the HGI. This room is a hidden gem for music and a nice alternative for a comfy hang while listening to live tunes. There is always an interesting mix of locals and folks traveling through the great city of Portsmouth!


Thanks to EDGE Magazine for voting the latest CD, “FIVE” one of the best 15 releases of 2015……..

”Front man Dave Gerard is simply doing what he does. Expanding his repertoire while giving his loyal fan base a new collection of tunes to add to their record collection. “FIVE” is heartfelt, it’s funky, and on a scale of five stars, it maxes out at the top.”


Thanks for keeping live music alive!


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